Monday, November 12, 2012

Things I will miss about being pregnant: Nothing

First of all, I want say how incredibly grateful I am that I have been able to get pregnant and carry on 2 healthy pregnancies. In the big spectrum, I've had it pretty easy. That being said, I don't love being pregnant. Some women do. I don't.

So as this final pregnancy comes to end...a few reasons why I am going to be very happy to get this baby out in the next 2 weeks:

1. I will be able to tie my shoes straight on with having to cross over my legs
2. I will be able to see more than my toes when I look down
3. I can eat my beloved hot sauce again.
4. I wont be Waking up with puke in my mouth from heartburn. (It happened to me last night.)
5. I can ditch "E"normous bras I've been wearing.
6. I will hopefully be able to sleep without having to build Fort Knox around my body.
7. Total strangers assessing me every single day-- "You look great." "You look tired." "Are you feeding your baby enough?" "You must be due any day?"
"Your stretch pants look amazing!" (..... Said no one ever)

Bring on the Turkey! We are ready for you little momma (preferably after my hair appointment at noon tomorrow.)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cribs, turkeys and toilet paper.

Still a woman of few words (although E will tell you different) and much to do. Hudson has been off from school for the last 2 weeks and he's so demanding. Oh, right, he's 5. Anyway, 3 weeks or less to go until we meet baby.

I placed our order today for a pre-made Thanksgiving dinner from our favorite local market. I figured, one turkey in and out of the oven was enough on my plate.

Ps. Thanks for all your help "Grandma Julie" we have enough toilet paper and paper towels (amongst everything else) to last us until 2013!


Boots antiqued from Montana. Numbered bins for my #1 helper, Mr. Hudson.

Dolls made with love.

Creepy baby art.

Who wants to stay overnight with a newborn? We've got an extra bed. You're invited.

Photo credit: Hudson (hence the blur)